Thierry Henry to replace Arsene Wenger?

Thierry Henry, the living legend of Arsenal has turned 40 and is being nominated for replacing Wenger.

The guy “Thierry Henry” has played two hundred and fifty eight matches scoring 175 goals, an incredible consistency. Henry joined Arsenal in 1999 leaving Juventus.

All fans of Arsenal are impressed by the extraordinary legacy of Henry. Henry has also achieved a statue of himself at the Emirates Stadium by his consistent incredible performances.

People now want a change in the player’s role they want Henry to do the management role for Arsenal, replacing Wenger.

According to Redkanpp, Arsenal needs someone young and fresh to train them. He confessed according to him the young and fresh new trainer for Arsenal can be Henry.

People are somewhat feeling that Arsenal’s opportunities are slipping day by day due to Wenger.

We saw every game played by Arsenal this season had a slip in it. When talking about the next step for the former world cup winner “Thierry Henry” is undoubtedly the management section.

No one yet knows who Wenger will prefer as the next Arsenal manager. Wenger previously in interviews said he might like to have Dragon Stojkovic as the manager. Wenger worked with Dragon at Japan and Dragon has visited Wenger at London and so the fact of knowing each other is clear enough.

In 2011 Wenger said he would love to have Dragon as his successor. He said decision of his has plenty of reasons. The words of Wenger had been a sensation and matter of debate for the Arsenal fans. Wenger stays in contact with all his former Arsenal players but no one yet knows who he will be nominating for this role.

What do you think? FNW believes that it is likely that Henry will take over from Wenger after he retires at the end of the season. Should he be the correct choice for the club? Let us know through your comments.!!

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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