Arsenal Wenger Defends Arsenal!! 3-0 compared to big “laggings” !!

The well known United right back who was known for his overlaps and crosses, has taken the attacking role while Arsene Wenger who was a attacking midfielder of his time is defending.

Neville criticised Arsenal by calling it “spineless” and “Disgrace” after their loss against Manchester City at Carabao Cup final.  Wenger is trying to defend his players. The 3-0 defeat at Wembley by Man City on Sunday has created a sensation.

“This criticism is unfair” says Wenger from the aspect of quality of opponents.  The performance of Man City was incredible. Wenger’s refusal of suggestions didn’t work well for him. He refused all the proposals and suggestions players gave him risking it at himself. The players are disappointed by Wenger and his choices.

Wenger applauded the performance and the effort that the players had put in. He also said people bush around saying players didn’t perform when a crucial match is gone but our players tried best.

“We didn’t lose the game due to lack in our players performances.”

He states he has been in a long time in this profession and he knows this big “laggings” like 3-0 happens. He secures his fans saying nothing to worry about they will surely bounce back. He says we are never supposed to be called a bad team after the fight we gave to Chelsea in the semi-finals. He says its nothing shameful to lose against a team leading by 13 points in the premier league.

He confesses he had believed about coming back after the team being back by 1 goal but after 2nd one he lost hopes. He says improving our team is necessary as they had 3 shots on target where as we only had 2 even failing to score.

Nacho is out for 2 matches and maybe for more 2 which is a worry for team confirmed Wenger.

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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