Chile’s Tactics Worked!What was it? CR7 didn’t step up on penalties

The Copa America Champions Chile has made it to the Confederations Cup final by beating the European champions Portugal 3-0 on penalties.
It can be easily said that Chile was prepared extremely well for the tie and they proved it when the game was on the wire.
We say that in penalties anything can happen but it was known earlier that Chile will be stronger than Portugal on penalties.
Chile went in the game with a very cautious approach and gave one of their best displays on the pitch.
They kept the game tight and did not give Portugal any clear cut chances.

It was in the extra time when Chile was opening their cards. They played those thirty minutes with a hard attacking approach.
In fact,they had the taste of the goalpost two times and should have won a penalty.

When luck was on Portugal’s side,people might have thought that they are the winners. However, there is a saying that hard work pays off!
And this was not only hard work but also smart work. They kept on trying hard and followed their main plan and took the game to the penalties.

In the penalties, Chile were the favourites but as they were unlucky in the game, Portugal had some good chances to win it.
In the even contest, Arturo Vidal took the first penalty and smashed it into the corner and gave Chile a 1-0 lead.
Then Ricardo Quaresma looked quite nervous when he stepped on to take the penalty. Bravo took the help of it and guessed the right way to save it.

Chile 1-0

Charles Aranguiz stepped on with a confident look and his confidence helped him to give a second goal lead to Chile.
Joao Moutinho was unable to score as Claudio Bravo saved again!

Chile 2-0

Now it could be guessed who was going to win and when the hero of Chile,Alexis Sanchez scored the third goal, celebrations started.
It was now to see if Cristiano Ronaldo steps on to continue the penalties but he did not, Instead Nani stepped on to take the penalty and it could be judged that he was not at all confident which made Bravo’s job a lot easier. Claudio Bravo guessed the right way for the third time to register Chile’s name in the Confederations Cup final. Claudio Bravo had one of his best times in his career as he was at his best and his experience just helped him more. This should send a strong message to Pep Guardiola who is about to bring another goalkeeper in the starting eleven.
cr7Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to score the winning penalty and that seems quite clear as he had done it many times before in many big moments. However, he should have thought from his team’s perspective as when they were already down by two goals, he should have stepped up and convert. This could have made the penalty more competitive and not a one way out. This was not taken well by the fans as they raised voice against the Portuguese hero.

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