I am an employee:Wenger ; Wenger uncertain of his own future!!

Wenger in his latest interview, after a 3-0 defeat against Man City this Sunday at EFL cup final at Wembley, said that he is just an employee at the Premier League club.

The68 year old man had been managing Arsenal since 1996 and this season is supposed to be his last managing season. It is being discussed Germany boss Joachim Low is one of the names linked for the new management post.

Whenasked about Arsenals future, how the team will move on, how will the fans see betterment of the team , who is his elected person for the position the manager “Wenger” simply said “I don’t Know”.

He later said in life you work hard to master excellence, focus on your job, you try to be committed to your work, and you only try to master what you can master. He also said you won’t decide your future as being in newspapers it is above you.

He ended his speech saying I am an employee and I give my best for the team I love. It is clear Wenger is uncertain about his future.

Arsenal are seventh and 27 points adrift of Pep Guardiola’s City, who make the trip to the Emirates Stadium on Thursday.

And while Wenger faces an uncertain future, the City boss offered his backing ahead of the clash.

“We accept the opinions of the fans and the people and you feel alone,” Guardiola said. “Believe me, you feel alone because there’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

“I understand completely. I’d like to tell him that I am close, I am on the same side as him. That’s why I don’t understand when other managers criticise the other managers.

“It’s tough to send a message to the other ones from here because everyone understands how you feel when you lose.

“What happened can happen to me in the future. We won, I’m good. Arsene Wenger didn’t win so he’s not good.”

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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