Former Liverpool player criticizes the club

Collymore recently said Liverpool should forget about getting the champion title till they learn to maintain clean sheets, they need to adopt the art of maintaining clean sheets or the chances are nearly 0% of “they becoming champions”.

Theex-Liverpool star said unless the team will be able to maintain clean sheets they will just stay in the shadow of contenders.

Liverpoolis struggling hard but this struggle will last till they learn to maintain clean sheets. Liverpool is the second only team score 32 goals. Any other club in the top 5 spots of the league has not scored this many number of goals.

Klopp said Man City’s attack is strong and it is not easy to defend. The attacking of Man City is doing quite well. He further said we will have to discover the faults in us and improve. He said I just wish we could get the time back and utilise it.

Butit is never coming back, but it is all ok, as we will improve our strengths and give make up to your weaknesses. He said we will have to make your defence strong. Even in goalkeeping of our team is lacking the boys are not to the mark.

Liverpool signed Virgil Van Dijk on a six year contract for betterment of their defence. “we are just trying to make the territory strong” said Klopp .

Klopp said Man City has got too much money in their banks so they can afford Mane and Salah but we can’t. Investments maybe give us better result but all investments are not easy to be done.

TheRed team is now looking for a new goal keeper . We need better resources was the ending lines of Klopp.

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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