Horrible News for Manchester United

As MatchDay 7 closes in, a very bad news for Manchester United fans is coming in. Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Pogba’s injury is a severe one and it will take a long time.

The 24 year old French midfielder felt the pain in his hamstring during the Champions League game against Basel. It was his first game as a captain this season and it was just twenty minutes into the game when Pogba was substituted by Marouane Fellaini. It looked like an apparent blow in the hamstring and this can take a lot of time for him to recover.

It was predicted that this is going to be very bad for the Red Devils as they would be losing a player with great physicality and creativity who is a nightmare to the opposition’s defenders.
Jose Mourinho says,”He’s injured, he cannot play [against Crystal Palace] and it’s not an injury that I can have the hope like I have with [Antonio] Valencia or [Phil] Jones.” This shows how indispensable is Pogba to Man United but also to Mourinho.
It is understood Jose Mourinho signed Nemanja Matic to give Pogba a more attacking role which is best suited to him.
Matic being an excellent signing for the Red Devils this season made Mourinho’s plan a success.
However, without Pogba Matic will be the only preferred central defensive midfielder and thus Mourinho’s plan of playing two central defensive midfielders is going to be shattered into pieces. Pogba’s presence will be missed by the Red Devils supporters as he has a big influence in the game whenever he plays.
He has been in an outstanding form this season and just it looked like that the team is almost set, disaster happened. It was a fifty fifty challenge and we have seen Pogba engaging in such situations often. However, this was the price that he had to pay for it and is quite an expensive one, both for his career and for the team. He caught his heel awkwardly which made it look more worrying. He tried to ignore his injury but he could not resist it as he sat down on the rain-soaked pitch and signaled for substitution. There is no other man in the Manchester United team now who can replace Pogba. In fact, this can result to a downfall of the tea,’s performance as they have lost someone who was a part of many goals. Paul was known for his leadership and after his great performances in the early season, he earned the captain’s armband. There are big games coming up in the next month and if Pogba is out for too long it will be a difficult time staying in the pinnacle of the Premier League table.

Fellaini injured vs Southampton
Now due to this injury, Mourinho had Fellaini as his replacement but Fellaini’s ankle injury last week worsened the things.
In this difficult situation for Mourinho Antony Martial is proving himself and if he can maintain his great form mater can be sorted out. We hope that Pogba will be back very soon and can play like he plays.

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