Is Sanchez really leaving for money?

Alexis Sanchez, the Chilean international who is presently Arsenal’s best player wanted to leave the club in July last year. His move to Manchester City looked imminent and everyone thought he was leaving but the deal never happened due to the end of the Transfer Window. Sanchez still had a year contract left then and Arsene Wenger hoped to keep him at the club for a longer period when he prepared to offer him a new contract. Alexis was determined to move from the Londoners as he did not sign a new contract. Manchester City reportedly wanted him and his reunion with Pep Guardiola was possible.

Now, Manchester City has left his interest on Sanchez. There are various reasons of their decision. It is understood that 30M extra is not much for city and if they would want the player they would have paid it. However, there is another reason Manchester City has already got Leroy Sane in the left wing and getting Sanchez in would reduce the game time of the German international. This is also not the main reason. The main reason is Fernando Felicevich(Agent of Alexis Sanchez) wanted City to pay more than their rivals, Manchester United. United has reportedly offered 30M with Henrikh Mkhitaryan for Sanchez and this deal will be better for Arsenal who are still in the market looking for Sanchez’s replacement. Thus, when City officials heard this they decided not to purchase the player as the player might not be committed to the club and might just be leaving Arsenal for more money.

Alexis Sanchez is a player with ambitions and it is understood that he is not moving to City because they have almost won the Premier League with a twelve point lead over the second placed Manchester United. City has already got what United does not have. Therefore, Sanchez would be more interested to play for the Red Devils and take a part in their rebuilding process. He would not like to win the Premier League because he does not deserve it presently at Arsenal. Thus Sanchez’s interest towards Manchester United might be for this reason.

Jose Mourinho admitted that anything can happen in this situation and Arsenal would like to get some fee for him as he might leave for free at the end of the season. Manchester United who are still looking favourites for buying Sanchez are now battled by Chelsea who are now reportedly interested in the Chilean and have submitted a transfer request. It will be great to see what happens as Arsene Wenger said that everything will be decided within 48 hours which is Tuesday night.

This is going to be a new challenge for him as he will be a part of the set up which is still in its building stage. Of course, it can be seen that Arsenal have a comparatively better attacking team than Manchester United but here comes the equality of attack and defence which is required to win a game. With David de Gea on goal Sanchez should have no qualms in playing for the Red Devils.

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