LIVE Updates! Juventus vs Inter Milan Derby D Italia LIVE!!

Hello guys we all are excited for the Derby D Italia and you can check out the preview of the bitterest rivalry in Europe. Every minute new update!

Juventus 0-0 Inter

0′- Everyone is waiting for the kick-off!
0′- 5 minutes to kick-off!
0′- A minute from Kick-off!
0′- Anthems!
0′-And it Starts!
1′- Inter starts with some confusion in the passing
1′- Juve starts pressing as Inter keeps possession
2′- Juventus got back the possession and starts their build-up
3′- Build up broken Inter got back the possession
5′- Home support in its best, Inter players are getting confused
5′- Khedira goes down
6′- Game restarts after a short interval
7′-Asamoah fights his way out! This is looking dangerous
8′-Pjanic commits foul on Brozovic
9′- SAVE!!!!! Handanovic on top form!! Double save!
11′- Dominant Juventus earns free kick in a dangerous position
11′-Cuadrado stays down in pain
13′-MISS! Pjanic misses the chance to give Juve the important lead
14′-Inter gets back the play after sometime but Oh no its an offside!
17′-Inter attack cleared by Mandzukic
20′- Two sides look more settled. Mild game goes on!
22′-Juventus enjoying the possession now!
23′-Inter wins it back!
25′-Juventus with some Attack but Higuain got caught offside
27′-Juve crowd on top! What an atmosphere!
28′- YELLOW CARD!! Benatia gets the first yellow card of the match!
30′- Now you know why this is called the most bitterest rivalry! Tension starts! Exchange of Words and Yellow for Brozovic! 2 Yellows in 2 minutes
31′- SAVE!! Juve with the Counter but Miranda saves Inter
33′-MISS! Shot wide of the post by Perisic
35′-Stunning Football goes on!!
36′-Freekick Juve! Foul by Matias Vecino
37′-SAVE!! Khedira’s attempt in the center of the goal saved!
39′-YELLOW! Higuain is shown a yellow card!! Already third of the match!
40′-YELLOW! Perisic shown a yellow for bad tackle! Freekick for Juve
42′-Juventus looking to break before the half time
42′-Inter gets the possession! Icardi caught offside
42′-Juve earns a corner
44′-Handanovic saves! Danger cleared by Referee’s whistle
45′-CLOSE!!! Mandzukic header off the post! 1 minute added time
45+1′-HALF TIME!!! Its all square till the half time! Juventus has been the better side with better chances. However, Inter can turn things around in the second half.

Second Half starting soon!!

Welcome everyone I hope you are liking it! Stay here till the end of the game and enjoy the game!
46′-De Sciglio with a wrong pass losing possession
47′-MISS! Pjanic’s right footed shot goes wide
48′-Khedira concedes Corner to Inter Milan
49′-Goal Kick Juventus
50′-Juve on the front foot
52′-Mandzukic unable to control the ball and misses!

53′-Cross In by Juve but Cleared!
54′-Mandzukic shot blocked

55′-Matuidi commits foul on Brozovic
58′-Higuain’s shot blocked
60′-Corner Juventus
60′-Mandzukic’s header saved
61′-YELLOW! Fourth card of the match as Santon gets away with a yellow after a bad foul
63′-SUBSTITUTION!! Dalbert Replaces Santon due to injury
64′-Cuadrado’s shot is too high
67′-Mandzukic caught offside
69′-MISS! Khedira misses a big chance
69′-SUBSTITUTION!!Gagliardini replaces Candreva(Inter)
70′-Juve wins a free kick in a dangerous position
71′-Inter gets a corner
74′-This game is being played end to end!
75′-SUBSTITUTION!! Big man Dybala replaces Khedira
78′-Inter keeping the ball in their half
81′-Mandzukic earns a free kick
83′-Inter earns another corner
84′-Inter building the pressure with another Corner
85′-MISS! Brozovic’s shot goes through left of the goal post
85′-SUBSTITUTION!Rodrigo replaces Pjanic
86′-SUBSTITUTION!Eder In Icardi Out
87′-Ambrosio shown Yellow Card! Free kick to Juve
88′-Dybala’s header blocked!
90′-Juventus earns a free kick in the attacking half! 3 minutes Added Time
90+1′-Vecino shown Yellow card!
90+3′ Mandzukic caught offside! Looks like this was their last chance

It was an entertaining game and the effect of the derby was felt! Half a dozen of yellow cards!
It ends in a stalemate