Manchester United will not be taken lightly this season due to these secret reasons.

Manchester United can be the most deadliest team this season as there are many reasonable changes being made in the summer transfer window.
This is because Jose Mourinho is trying to make a great team with quality individuals.
The present players who will play a big part are
de gea

1)David De Gea

-He is a phenomenal goalkeeper and has proved his value every week he has played. He has made many massive saves for his team and will be one of the big contributers to his team. However, he is linked with a move to Real Madrid, he might not move there as there are strong chances that the Los Blancos might not sign him due to presence of Keylor Navas in their squad.

Eric Bailly

2)Eric Bailly

-The 23 year old Ivory Coast defender has already shown his worth in the team. He has made big tackles in big moments of the game and will be fit again to play for the Red Devils this season alongside Victor Lindelof,the new signing(who is a great talent himself) and this might be the reincarnation of the Ferdinand-Vidic team.
Antonio Valencia

3)Antonio Valencia

-He was nominated as the Players player of the year(in the Manchester United season awards) and he deserved it as he has given his all for the team. I don’t think that any other player in the team has shown as much commitment as him. He has got abilities to play anywhere in the flanks(especially right flank)

4)Daley Blind

-He has proved himself from time to time and will continue to be an unsung hero of the team. The former Ajax player shown professionalism and dedication towards his club when he didn’t hesitated for a minute to say that he will be playing as a Red in the UEFA Europa League Final and that will be it. This dedication on and off the pitch is making him stronger which will be good for the team
Ander Herrera

5)Ander Herrera

-Great Player! Yes certainly he is the man who is now attracting the world’s best teams by his performance. His marvelous influence in on and off the pitch is commendable. When he is on the ball he is very committed and doesn’t want to lose it. He gives his team a big bonus while playing. He lifts up the spirits of the whole team.

6)Paul Pogba

– What a player he is! He has been a giant in the midfield as he has made the most number of chances in the Premier League and it has benefitted the team a lot! It will be great to see as how he will play this season and how Lukaku(upcoming signing) will convert those chances.
Marcus Rashford

7)Marcus Rashford

-The talisman of United?Yes he is. When Ibrahimovic was injured in the later stages of the season he stepped to win important European games against Anderlecht and Celta Vigo. He is improving season by season and has got the full potential to become a club legend.

The influence of confirmed club signings

Victor Lindelof

1)Victor Lindelof

-He is a great swoop for the club as he has already shown his potential in Benfica. The 22 year old Swede has got excellent presence in the air and makes key tackles with a very cool brain. He was a man needed in the United defence with Bailly.

This is what he will look like.

2)Romelu Lukaku

-After the departure of Ibrahimovic(who is now expected to come back in January), the Belgian will be the main focus in the United squad. He has to keep his goalscoring abilities on and have to give his best to help the club. He has got those potentials certainly and is supposed to be a great signing for the Red Devils.

Now this team will be very strong as more big players are going to join and Manchester United will be one of the serious title contenders this season.

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