Manchester United’s secret towards the 4 possible signings

Jose Mourinho is a very good manager and he has already proved that but his recent steps to sign some selected players is a thing to notice. However, Manchester United’s name is taken everywhere, all the transfer targets are made by Jose Mourinho.

Therefore lets talk about all of them

1.Alvaro Morata- Alvaro Morata is always one of Mourinho’s favoured player. When Mourinho was at Madrid, he had a very good relation with the player and it is known that Morata is more comfortable under Mourinho as compared to Zinedine Zidane who has mostly subjected him to the bench in the last season. If this guy with such a talent re-unites with Mourinho it will be a great thing for Manchester United.

2.Romelu Lukaku- During his time at Chelsea, he has tried to give his best and has performed well. However,there was a situation when he could not perform and his personal stature dropped. Jose Mourinho tried to improvise him by putting this topic infront of press. Lukaku understood the fact that his manager wanted the good of him and for his personal relations with the other Chelsea players. When he joined Everton he told to press that it was not Mourinho’s fault and it was his own decision to leave. This possible reunite with Mourinho will be a big thing for Manchester United.

3.Nemanja Matic-The Serbian had a very good tie with Jose Mourinho and has always been comfortable with him. The skills that he possess is surely going to help Manchester United. It is also reported that he had a better connection with Mourinho than Antonio Conte.

4.James Rodriguez-Same as Morata, the Colombian has a very good relation with Mourinho. It can be also understood with his desire to join Manchester United and leave Real Madrid.He will be a great player for the Red Devils in front.

If these four possible signings happen,which is very likely to happen, Manchester United will be favourites to win the Premier League next season provided the team chemistry and the players relation with the manager would be.

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