Mourinho expects ManUtd star to leave!! But he can star in the world cup coming out of retirement!!!!

The Red Devil coach expects that the 36 year old veteran is poised to leave the club.

He says that the decision of whether Zlatan wants to leave the club is dependent solely upon the player and that neither club nor him will be coming in his way of departure.

The injury suffered back in April has restricted Zlatan to only one game on the boxing day against Burnley in which he was substituted in the half time!

He has been out of game time since then although he has hinted that he may come out of retirement to play for Sweden in Russia!!

“For Zlatan, we all think it’s his last season at Manchester United and it will be a very personal decision for him to play or to stop,” said Mourinho.

“I think he won the right of choosing his life and his future -he’s such an amazing player with such an amazing career that only that awful injury in the wrong moment broke a fantastic couple of seasons that he could, and should, have with us.

“This season has been really difficult for him. Is he injured? No, he’s not injured. Does he feel totally happy and totally ready and totally convinced that he’s in the condition to help the team at this moment?

No.”But he’s such an honest guy and such a champion that he only wants to be back with that feeling of ‘I’m totally ready for it’.

He’s working hard and, hopefully, his evolution brings him to that level that he wants to have a positive answer.”

Ibrahimovic, who has been training with United, is not expected to play in Monday’s Premier League match away to Crystal Palace, but the striker thinks he could be back in action soon.

“I feel good, I’ve been training with the team for two weeks and it feels good,” Ibrahimovic told Swedish media.”I need to practice, exercise and play to put the movements in my head.”Get more match-like situations because I’ve been away for quite some time now.”

Well, with United signing Sanchez and Lukaku firing at regular intervals, FNW also expects Zlatan to leave with a possible move to the MLS.

What will be interesting to see is whether he comes out of retirement to play for Sweden in the World cup!

Well, Lions can roar anytime!!!

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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