All you need to know about arguably the bitterest rivalry Of Europe: No its not Manchester Derby!

Saturday brings us the best bit of Football. It’s the Derby D’Italia: Juventus vs Internazionale.


Arguably, the bitterest rivalry in Europe. This is something apart from the “El Classico” or the “Manchester Derby”. This rivalry has it all: hatred, passion, chants, classic fixtures – but on a whole new level. In this article, we would not only take a look at their current performances but also the Derby’s history.

The History:

The roots of this rivalry extend to the 1960-61 Serie A season, when there was a rematch between the two giants, because of a controversy. Inter’s President was furious because Inter had won the first match and was handed a rematch. This was the start of what would become, the biggest rivalry in Italy. You can see a Barcelona or a United fan saying good things and complementing about their rival’s players, but you can never see a Juventus fan saying anything good other than complete abuse for an Inter player.


The biggest reason of the hatred, is undoubtedly the Calciopoli Scandal. A scandal in which Juventus was found guilty of rigging the matches and choosing referees of their choice. Juventus were ultimately given the sour experience of getting relegated to the Italian second division: The Serie B and handed a points penalty as well. Although, Juventus won the Serie B the same season and were promoted back to the top flight.


Overall, 236 matches have taken place between the Bianconeri and Nezazurri. The Zebras has won 107 of them, while the Milan Giants have won 73. In terms of trophies, Juventus has won 65 total trophies while Inter has won 36.


Inter is the only side to have never been relegated from the top  flight and the only in the country to have achieved a treble. On the other hand, Juventus has the most national titles with 52.

Now, let’s take a look on how these have been performing so far this season and with what objective they’d be stepping on the pitch with, on Sunday.



Juventus had a sloppy start to the season. They blew up their 50+ matches unbeaten run at home, after they lost to Lazio 2-1. Recently, they were defeated away by Sampdoria. But since that loss, and since that loss. We have seen a different Juventus. The Torinese club hasn’t conceded a goal in four consecutive matches, quite surprisingly, two of those matches were against Napoli and FC Barcelona. Juventus defeated Napoli 1-0, to end their unbeaten run in Serie A last week.


They go in this Derby with a boost in confidence. But, the Juve boss Massiamilano Allgeri, said that he’s “not sure” if Gianluigi Buffon will start in goal and also the presence of Giorgio Chiellini is also in doubt. This could be a big blow to The Old Lady, but this is where their sqaud depth would help them.


The black and whites are the favorites to win this match and also it’s their home which would give them a boost to extend their glorious run. They are on third position in the Serie A table right now, and a win against Inter would push them to the second spot and one point less from the first position holders, Napoli.


Inter Milan

Inter on the other hand, are unbeaten this season. As Juventus’ CEO Beppe Marotta stated that “Inter have the luxury of not playing in European competitions”. This is what is helping Inter to give a strong competition in the title race. Their start to the season is the best in the club’s history. Also, since their decline after 2010, they are in their finest form.

Inter’s no. 9 and captain Mauro Icardi says that he loves to score against Juve and that it’s the best feeling. If Inter manages to win against Juventus then it’d be a huge confident boost, and the hopes of finishing in top 3, might well be switched to clinching the scudetto. However, a loss would see them dropping them to the third place, and the exciting title race, would become even more exciting.


So guys, I advise you to delay any plans you have for Sunday, get some popcorn and stick yourself with the TV. Because it’s the best and the bitterest rivalry in Europe coming up!.


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