Pay Rise for Sadio Mane :Mane’s game against Porto can make Liverpool pay him twice the amount he is getting now!

The 25 year old star striker, Sadio Mane has proved himself from time to time in the Red shirt and it is reportedly said that after his contract comes to an end in 2021, his wage ask might be two to four times of what he is getting now. This is because he has been consistent in the Champions League scoring six goals in his five matches thanks to his hat trick against FC Porto.

He has often been criticized this season due to his poor form in the Premier League this season though he has scored some very important goals for them too. There is still time to judge his game in the next two years. However, his performance is nowhere near his estimated wage which is £80,000-a-week.
Due to the unbelievable rise of the players wages in the last couple of seasons, the Senegalese winger could ask for something between £200,000-a-week to £250,000-a-week contract.

Sadio Mane
€200,000-€250,000 is a fair price provided how the top players are being paid in the Premier League

In fact, the rise of the wages can hinder the player’s actual performance as almost every player who is getting new contracts is being given a lucrative wage. No doubt, clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United has started the movement in England and if this goes on like this, it will be very difficult for the other Premier League teams.

According to Daily Mail, the average wage of the Premier League players has risen to £50,000-a-week. Now, this has given a chance for the agents to negotiate high wage contracts for star players like Mane. Thus, if Mane is to play in Premier League at the age of 28 for Liverpool, he might be earning more than £200,000-a-week.

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