Phil Neville claims that there is only one World Class player in the Manchester United squad!??

Phil Neville claims the only world class player Manchester United have in their squad is David de Gea. De Gea the Spanish goalkeeper is saving everything for team. He has been announced the best player of the team for three consecutive years.

His brilliant save against Sevilla in the 1st leg of the round of 16 in Champions League gave the team a 0-0 draw. De Gea is protecting his team in every matches from every aspect. The 27 year old man was almost going to sign for Real Madrid in 2015, and Neville fells that United were lucky that this incident didn’t took place.

De Gea’s world club level performance in every match has made him a great player in everyone’s eyes especially Neville. Antonio  Valencia is the other player doing fair enough says Neville but De Gea is incomparable. Neville is now co owning both Fruit Juice Giants Vimto and Salford City.

Neville also says it is clear that De Gea can’t be in all matches and that United solely rely on him for every match and the team is in need of balance. Everyone needs chances and De Gea needs rest, so the team should increase it’s strength and not be extremely depended on De Gea. Neville also said he is happy that Manchester was able to take the crucial point from Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Sayantan Chandra

Chief Editor of Football News World

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