Real Madrid vs Paris Saint Germain-An attack vs attack?

As the Valentine’s day is coming closer, every football fan is getting excited about the big game coming up. If this was not 2018, the Los Blancos would have been the favourites for the tie but it is.
They have to play a much tougher Paris Saint Germain side and this game can go anyway.
Real Madrid will be welcoming Paris in the first leg and after watching Real Madrid’s recent form, it can be said that we are going to have a goal fest.
The Spanish Giants has been very inconsistent in winning games though their weak defensive performance and conceding goals was consistent.

It will be a mistake to compare PSG and Real Madrid on basis of their leagues. However, Paris has also been conceding goals against weaker opposition.
Therefore, who has a better chance? The answer is simple- The team which can score the most of the goals and keep pressure on the opposition.
We know the fact that “Attack is the best form of defence” and this fact can come into play. However, in big games like this if Real Madrid continues to rue chances and loses their focus on Defence, they are going to concede for sure and this is the time where being names like Sergio Ramos and Marcelo has to step up their game. We all know about Real Madrid’s different attitude of play in the Champions League but we should be reminded by the fact that the team which never got thrashing in the competition were thrashed by Tottenham in Wembley.

This is Bernabeu but the Los Blancos will not have a ‘home’ advantage because they are playing the same every game which is poor.
Zinedine Zidane is under pressure and has a chance of getting sacked should they lose on Wednesday night.

Can this man shut mouths again?

A 0-0 can be the best result for Real Madrid and PSG should too have no issues with that because they will be playing the return leg in their home ground. However, this draw can be important for the Los Blancos because they have got a tradition of coming back in games and with someone like Zidane in charge it is highly possible they can pull off one of the best matches in the return leg.

Paris Saint Germain will try to win this game at any cost as they have spent a lot last summer and its time to pay it off. With Neymar and Mbappe up front and Cavani finding back his goalscoring feet they can be coined as the favourites of the match. However,it might be a problem for them adapting to a much faster and tougher game as they have not faced much stiff opposition in the league. Paris will look back to want happened last season when they were bottled by Barcelona in the return leg and would try to make the lead as wider as possible. However, they have to be very strong at the back to stop the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

Can he do what many could not?

Analysing the present form of both the teams we have decided not to predict a scoreline because it can turn anyway. Especially, if Zidane can motivate the side and they come back to their winning ways. However, if things stay the same Paris can win it or atleast can get a draw out of it.

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