Three Questions for Arsenal as They Lost 0-3 to Manchester City in the space of 4 Days.

The Gunners were beaten 0-3 at the Emirates Stadium as the likes of David Silva, Bernardo Silva and young lad Leroy Sane got on the score sheet for Manchester City.

This left Arsenal depressed in the wake of their 0-3 defeat in the Carabao Cup by the same Manchester City side.

This might have generated unpleasant and rhetorical inquiries as regards to Arsenal’s season that once looked promising after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup.

However, with this defeat at home to visitors Manchester City, there are three pressing questions regarding Arsenal season in the long run.

Who is to blame for the defeat?

The Gunners lose to City had given many pundits and journalists the leverage to direct their queries (questions) to various section of the Arsenal team.

The big inquiry here is who is to blame for this three nil defeat? For me, everyone involved in the defeats should be blamed.

This ranged from the eleven players on the pitch and most importantly the chief architect of the Arsenal set-up in Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

He failed to make a single substitution in the match with potentials like Alex Iwobi and Mohamed Elneny sitting on the bench.

The manager’s tactics will come under some level of criticism as well as the player’s lack of character and willingness to spark a revival in the second half with at least a goal.

Is it time for Wenger to quit?

The manager had come under criticism a couple of seasons ago regarding his future at Arsenal football club. This has lingered on and on but is it the time for Wenger to call it quit at Arsenal despite the fact that his name is synonymous with the name of the club (Arsene-Arsenal).

Event the match commentator for the City/Arsenal match at the Emirates said that maybe it is time for the French man to go as he can no longer recreate things tactically in the Arsenal dressing room.

Wenger believed that the season will end well last season like other ones but it was not as they missed on the top 4 Champions league place for the first time in 21 years at Arsenal.

With the talent at Arsenal, it is hard not to believe that Wenger is not the problem as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan joined Arsenal in the January Transfer Window.

What is arsenal’s hope this season?

The Gunners have lost 9 matches in the Premier League this season. Despite their good form (impressive performance) at home, they have lost 2 matches with the other 7 coming away from home.

They lost 1-3 to Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United and now to Neighbour Manchester City with an even devastating 0-3 scoreline after losing 4-0 at Anfield.

In the end, all hopes of a trophy were quashed on Super Sunday clash as they lost 3-0 at Wembley Stadium. What can we say as Arsenal season looks to be hanging on a tiny thread at the moment?

Arsenal’s major hope now is in the Europa League where they will be facing a daunting task against Italian giants AC Milan.

This is the only route for Arsenal to remedy their season as winning the Europa League offers them an automatic place in the Champions League next season.

But the Big question now is can Arsenal beat Italian giants AC Milan (on aggregates) when both sides meet in the two-legged ties?

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