Yet again Mourinho is set to beat Conte in the Transfer Window or both get beaten by the German Giants!

Yes again! This should be the third victory of Jose Mourinho over Antonio Conte in this year’s transfer window. This is because United are looking to swoop their target James Rodriguez from Real Madrid. Real Madrid are now looking to sell the player at a price tag of £66m.

James Rodriguez

United have been looking for the Colombian International for over along time and now this is the right time for them to land him at Old Trafford. It is also understood that the defending Premier League Champions are also very much interested in the player but as their management is not taking the actions fast, they can now lose their third player in a row. Manchester United is now reported to have a slightly lower interest but that doesn’t mean they will not look for the talent and right now they are ranked the favourites for him. Now, it will be interesting to see where he goes and especially he might move to France as Paris Saint Germain is heard to have some interest in the player but no official actions have been taken.

It is understood that Rodriguez would prefer Premier League to Ligue 1 as the competition in England is getting higher and higher and it will be the right place for him to prove himself. If James Rodriguez comes to United, they will become a much stronger side. Truly, this season might be the revolution of Manchester United.

However, thats not the end as now its being heard that Bayern Munich entered the race and is close to sign a deal. It is also noted that Ancelloti being a former Real Madrid manager,has some good connections with the Colombian International.
However, this is heard to be a loan deal which might be a better one for Real Madrid as he is a great asset for the club and to see him leaving and achieving success in some other club is not what they want. Therefore, this deal can happen and Mourinho and Conte both can be beaten in this run.
It is also understood that joining a team like Bayern will not be a step down as it is one of the best clubs in the world alongside Real Madrid and Barcelona. Where he will fit in?
That is not quite sure as Bayern too have a great squad depth and will they be playing Rodriguez on a regular basis especially when you have got someone like Ribbery on the left wing?
Interesting! Therefore, James has to keep in mind that his present role might not be changed when he is leaving to a similarly strong club such as Bayern.
Now again there is a question? If they have proper backup in the attacking third why will they be looking for another player.
This is because they lack back-up and with Ribbery getting older James can eventually become his long term replacement and this will be a great prospect for the Colombian who might not be able to replace someone in the Real Madrid team now as they all have still a lot of days to play.

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